Tuesday, June 01, 2010

As If Someone Deleted My Memory..

Hi... :)

I won't forget this memory ..

One day I woke up very early at 5 or 4 a.m. In the same day I know there's 
Arabic channel will show Hindi film at 10 p.m..

So I stayed awake very hard, I was too sleepy...
I don't want sleep before I know what is the film :) 

Then, there is a surprise I didn't expected 
The film was very very old ( 1952 ) 
I shocked that moment.

It was Aan (1952) for Yusuf Khan ( Legendary Khan )..
As usual I love old movies. so, I decided to watch it no matter how I am sleepy. 
Old movie with Arabic subs, NO chance to leave it ...  

I watched it with one eye opened, other eye closed
till the end ...
When it finished. I switched off the TV and slept in my place 
I couldn't go to my bed.. 

Next day, I started remember the film, but I forgot last 25% of it.
I tried my best to remember it, but no way hahaha

After couple months, they showed it again and I watched it just
to remember last 25% of it..

Thank you for reading

See yaa


Anya said...

omgosh that sounds crazy!! scary

Strawberry said...

hahaha yes...
I tried to post a comment in your blog.
But I couldn't.. I think there is a problem..

Even today I couldn't !!!

Thank you...

::أنيـــــــــن الــورد:: said...


its nice post about ur memory...

Indian films are special at any way...LoOoL

Strawberry said...

Dear أنين الورد

I have a lot of funny memories about indian films

Thank you sis...

Take care...

Anonymous said...

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