Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pictures from the old days in Aramco's archive part 3...

Hello readers...

Today, we will see another part ( part 3 ) from Aramco's archive...

This's Ibrahim Basha Castle in Al- Hufof .
This place was  as a market.. 
In 1933 by K.S. Toitchel.

Now, the view looks like this...


In Dammam, 1952. The train was new that time.
In picture a man checked on tickets 
BY Friad Borritt


Saudis employees in a classroom study Chemistry
In 1950, Dhahran.


A few employees in break time at Cafeteria.
In 1948, Ras Tanura.


Saudis prepare rice for employees..
In  Dhahran ,  by Khalil Rasas.
Employees attending at cafeteria after opining. 
In 1957, Udhailiyah. By V.K. Anthony ...

Take care..
See yaa... 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The First Impression is Important...

Hello readers,

The First impression is important

My teacher of Psychology in first lecture from this term
She's Egyptian .. I thought this time I'll change all bad things about this subject.
Because the teacher for me is new  ..
She talked a few things about herself and talked about
this subject bla bla bla, then she said in the exam
I want to be the answers exactly as same as what wrote in the book
no change any words!!! Imagin!!

What's??? How's possible??

I innocently said : No Dr It's hard, for me I can't do it
exactly as the same as the book...
OMG.. What happened after my words unbelievable...
She gave me a long long lecture .. I was shocked.
She said if you can't, from now leave the university..
This's master don't bother yourself if you're not a good student..
All students and I were shocked ...
More than 15 mins and she wouldn't stop..
What's your name? How old are you?
This's your problime ..Why you try to study master?
As I did something bad for her or one of her family..
I looked at my friends they felt sorry on me...

When the lecture finished and she went, my friends came to me
and they said forget all what she said..

After that, I hate Psychology more than before.


Another teacher..
My English teacher in the first lecture
She's Saudi...
All what she said in first lecture is orders..
Don't ask me before the exam... Don't say this ...
Don't do that ... I hate this and that ..
Any Q I asked her, she said this's your problem!!!?!
When I want to make sure about word, she said to me: This's your problem...
She gave us title of the book which will study it..
I asked her , Is this book available in Jarir bookstore ?
She said : This's your problem....


No sense of humor in our teachers in King Faisal University


Before I write this post, I watched this video..
Just in the right time :)...

Monday, April 19, 2010

It's just bla bla bla...

Hello readers,
Some bla bla crossed my mind...

With a cup of tea I always live in different world , just me and my cup..
But it must the tea not as Lipton.
I hate Lipton and any kind looks like Lipton .. The taste is not good
My favorite tea is this

Another bla bla..

I had a problem with Egyptian accent .. This is truth..
If I had a lecture and the teachers was from Egypt I couldn't understood them
They talked Arabic, but with different accent ..
While they talking, I was in a dream world..
I didn't know about what they talk. Then I woke up, when I heard all students
laughing ..
Immediately ask my friends what the teacher said? hahaha and they told me what happened..
It looks like as I'm not in the same place ...:)

Next bla bla bla..

Yesterday night my family and I attended event ( Hajer Market ) in our city ..
We spend a wonderful and happy time.
maybe tomorrow  I'll put the pictures ..

Last bla bla..

My sister bothers me this week , she said : Put picture in your post..
Why you didn't put any picture to express about what you wrote and bla bla bla
I agree with her, the post became more fun with pictures..

The bla bla finished... :)

Take care
See yaa...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A happy night at Thursday night

Hello readers, 

Wow long days I didn't write any things ..
Sorry readers for this ...

I'm happy we have holiday for a week yaaay ...
At Thursday night my family made especial party  for my Dad..
we spent a happy time that night ...

That day we went to shopping to buy a presents for my Dad with
my brother.. He's impatient...
If some bad drivers made mistake in front of him became angry 
or if there sign ( Turn to right or left ) ... 
I said to myself they don't hear you ..Why we have to listen to you ...

We tired from shopping... Before I thought shopping for men more
easy than shopping for women ...
Now I changed my opinion ...

Finally we finished ... It's showtime and the party started ..

After this I start thinking about my homework :( I have to do it
as soon as possible this week
I don't know is this week good or bad , but I'm sure this 
week will be difficult...
I have to finish my homework, research, powerpoint and study...
By the way I have an exam in first day after holiday :(

Why I wrote yaaay in the beginning of this post I don't  know !!!?? 

See yaa...

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Pictures from the old days in Aramco's archive part 2...

Hello readers,

Back with another part about pictures from the old days in Aramco's archive...

This is Dr. R.L. Nicolas in Dharan November 1957 and
he was one of three doctors in Aramco were working in
 a special  research program for trachoma in Saudi Arabia. By T.Walters.

A donkey with a cart .. Saudis used it to carry blocks as you see in
picture, but they used the cart to carry any things.. In Al-Jubail 1976 by Dorothy Miller.

Who hold teapot was employee his job is offering tea to visitors in Saudi Camp in Dharan
in 1947 by Robert Ritchie.

Saudis in some place for old market in Al-Qatif in 1951 by Dorothy Miller.

Aramco's mail ... This picture is befor 76 years...

Employees, while they working on railway in Al-Hofuf , in1950 by Don Holdman.

End of part 2...

See yaa...

Sunday, April 04, 2010

I want just a smile from you ◕‿◕ ...


Wish you all the happiness...

Take care...
See yaa...

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Expect the unexpected ...

Hello readers,

This is funny...

Our driver Shakeel told us about his friend... His friend will marry This week,
but he didn't go to India, he was here in Saudi Arabia.. Because...

There is no ticket for him hahaha ...
Then, he became crying , he has no more time, his marriage will be this week ..
Shakeel said to him don't worry everything will be fine,

he afraid that the day of his wedding will come and he still here hahahaha ..

Shakeel said :  I told him before you have to go now, but he said there is more days,
he isn't in hurry ...

We have to expect the unexpected....This is very important...

And finally he got a ticket and went to india before 3 days from his wedding hahaha....
Take a lesson from him.... Expect the unexpected ...
Take care,
See yaa...

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Pictures from the old days in Aramco's archive...

Hello readers,

I came back with a special pictures from the old days in Aramco's archive

I scanned from Al Qafilah newspaper and it published also by
Aramco company...

These two men was working in drilling machine to write the names
of sections and department of Aramco company in 1957 by V.K. Anthony ...

This man who hold the newspaper contain  Dharan news , checked it before published
and the others empoloyees. This place in Dammam, Aug 1955 by Khalil Rasas.    

Man works in one of the palace . His job Pours 1949 , by T. F. Walters. 

Our ice cream man back from the old days in 1967, by Shikh Muhammad Ameen.

Saudi bakers while they working in Dharan bakery in 1954, by T. F. Walters.

This picture took in Khobar city for a man fills soap in bags and boxes in March 1955, by Khalil Rasas

End of part 1

See yaa...

Yes, This's not April fool..:)

Hello reader,

I changed the template... This is not April fool :)
What do you think about this ?
Hope everyone like it..

I felt boring two month with the same template , must change it...

See yaa...
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