Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Birthday in Advance Ta....

Hello every one :)
My post for today is special for someone, we know him in blogger world...
I'm talking about ( Tareq S ) :D
He wrote before in his blog, his birthday is on the way.
But when exactly I have no idea :D... So I made something for you Tareq :D
I hope you like it :).. It's just memory from me :D

Happy birthday in advance Tareq S :D

The rabbit was sleepy when I took the pic... Bty there is wrong e at ( Rabbit's word ) in the pic... Don't look at it... Mistake :D
Thank you 
See yaa


Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

this is nice, really nice

happy b-day Tareq

Tareq S. said...

Ooooooh.. That's so sweet of u.. It's the best gift I can ever get.. Really Thx
My bday is 2morrow, 13th April :)

rainlight said...

happy birth day Tareq ~

visible .. well done you got a very nice pic ..
poor little rabbit .. WHY DIDN'T YOU WAIT UNTIL HE WAKE UP ? x)

naysan said...

كل عام وطارق بخير
....لفتتك حلوه...شوكولا وعصير ومعازيم هههههههه

Whisper said...

Happy birthday Tareq and many happy returns inshallah :)

Sweet Visible ...what a lovely gift.....kullek zooo2 :)

visible... said...

Thank you :D

visible... said...

Tareq S

I wanted to surprise you ...:D
and you deserve more that what i did :)
Happy Birthday :)

visible... said...


welcome dear :)
Thank you a lot...
I couldn't wait... I was in hurry to write the post :D

Thank you...

visible... said...

اهلين فيك
شي بسيط مهي قد المقام يستاهل طارق اكثر

شكرا لك :D

visible... said...


Thank you dear ... :D
اخجلتم تواضعي :D

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Uouo Uo said...

thank you

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