Wednesday, July 28, 2010

15th of Sha'aban Month..

Hello every one... 

Yesterday was 15th of Sha'aban Month 1431 H..
27 July 2010

We celebrate in this day every year.  We call it ( Naflah )..
We bought candy, sweet or chips..

The children go out with their bag. they knock the doors . 
Then, they sing a song. When they finished, they get sweet, chips or candy.

Look at the pictures..

Thank you...


M7md Ghazi said...

in Sha3ban u r doing this ?
is that wat we call it gerge3an?
we do it Ramadan !!! ~

Strawberry said...

M7md Ghazi,
No, we call it ( Naflah )
gerge3an in 15th of Ramadan :)

Thank you :)

Wafa' said...

i love it , must be the all kids happiest day of their years :)

My Getaway said...

Aww those kids looks so cute and I'm sure they have a blast!

::أنيـــــــــن الــورد:: said...

It's very nice...we also do it...

It's call "Nasfah"..

As3ad Allah 2yamkom*_^

My Sky said...

In the U.A.E we celebrate it as well on the 15th of sha3ban just the same way as you do, we call it "الليلة"!

Strawberry said...

Teacher Wafa,

yes it is. Waite for 15th of Ramadan
It will be more exciting for everyone even adult people :)
We call it Qurqi3an.

Strawberry said...

My Gateway,
Insha'a Allah when 15th of Ramadan I'll write a post about celebrate we call it Qurqiaan ..
It's really fun :)

Strawberry said...

انين الورد
yes it has another name as what you wrote :)
some people from another city use this name :)

Thank you...

Strawberry said...

My Sky,
I didn't know this name before..
I am surprise!!

Thank you a lot :)

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