Monday, July 19, 2010

Advertisement by Mobile..


Tonight I got message from ( Mobily )...
It's advertisement as usual sometime the message make you 
laughing when you don't want laugh...

As this message it says :

The new coach of Al Hilal football team will arrive soon. To know who is he send 2 to****
And joined to serve Mobily Al Hilal football team..

Who cares... I don't want to know..
We have saying here : If the news today cost money, tomorrow will be free. 

The stupid person who sent message to them. They're laughing on you.
 (رزق المجانين على الهبلان) 

When he come all the world will know so, we aren't in hurry hahaha....

That's all :)
Stay well


White Freedom said...

haha very stupid
and the Advertisement get more stupider than it was before

Beyond Me said...

رزق المجانين على الهبلان
You got that right :D

Wafa' said...

والله صادقة

رزق الهبل على المجانين

وياكتر المجانين عندنا


Strawberry said...

White Freedom,
hahaha that's true..
always make me laughing...

Thank you sis..:)

Strawberry said...

Beyond Me,
hahaha thank you dear :)

Strawberry said...

Teacher Wafa,
صدقتي ياكثرهم عندنا
احترت مين اللي قبل الثاني المجانين ام الهبلان ههههه
وخليت المثل رزق المجانين على الهبلان
سألت اختي مين اللي قبل المجانين ام الهبلان .. كأن الهبلان عندهم عقل. ردت علي سكتي لا تخليني اصير هبله

لكن طلع المثل رزق الهبل على المجانين

أشرف محيي الدين said...

good morning strawberry

using the mobile as a tool in these days for the purposes of advertisments is a new way for significantly enhance and accelerate revenue growth for a lot of firms but the problem as you said that they use it only for things that are not important in serve clients .

have a nice day

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

Don`t u just hate that! I`m a mobily subscriber too and I asked them to stop sending me such promotions but ni use!

يا كثر المجانين + الهبل عندنا كلنا فعلا ً ، لو ما فيه إقبال كان توقفوا عن إرسالها من زمااااااان

Dr.Mohammed said...

i really hate this!!! not only the message content is soo stupid and silly !! no , they have the worst timing ever!! either you will got sms early in the morning or late at night,

i hate when i am waiting for important SMS , and then suddenly BAM!! "to know who talks behind your back send 1 to 3434" c'omn!!!

i unsubscribe a thousand time with "Ads sms" but the company still sending them!!

BTW, nice blog, this is my first time.

Ahmad M. Al-Mahrouq said...

مرحبا ستروبري

عنا منحكيها
رزق الهبل ع المجانين

المهم .. معك حق .. مين بيقتل حاله ليعرف هيك خبر غير المجنون
يعني مش قادر ليصبر شوي ويعرف الخبر ببلاش بكرا

هالقصص بتصير كتير عنا كمان من زين
وابعتي المسج مجانا .. بطلع بس اول مسج بعدين لحقي دفع

بالمناسبة ... مبروك اللوك الجديد ...يمكن متأخر شوي

M7md Ghazi said...

loool :D

Strawberry said...

أشرف محيي الدين ,
Good morning :)
welcome in my blog.. It's my pleasure to get comment from you.

Yes, as you said it's good tool now.
But we use it in wrong way like this...

Thank you a lot

Strawberry said...

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني,
hahaha yes I hate it.

I wish one day they send to us some good sms.
about food, religion, health or any thing good.

sometimes I got : Hurry up there is 50% off in this super market.
I am sure in Ramadan I'll get a lot of sms..

Thank you :)

Strawberry said...

Good morning.. :)
Welcome in my blog.. Glad to get a comment from you :)

yes yes I forgot the time..
They sent in the worst time 2 a.m or 5 a.m !!!!
What's the point?

I knew your feeling when you wait an important sms and then surprised the sms was ads sms.

I laughed when I read " to know who talks behind your back... " hahahaha

Thank you a lot ...

Strawberry said...

Ahmad M. Al-Mahrouq,

معناتها صحيح المثل اللي انت كتبته
رزق الهبل عالمجانين ههههههههه

انا مبدعة في كتابة الأمثال بشكل صحيح ههههههه

هذا مو اول مره تجي رسايل هبله مثل كذا ... ابدا مافيها اي فائدة تذكر
لو رسائل عن الصحه او السلامه مانحصلها

شكرا كثير ... ومو متأخر ابدا

Strawberry said...

M7md Ghazi,

Welcome here :)

Thank you :)

قطرة وفا said...


really very funny msg , and its about a " coach " not really a famous thing !

and i noticed the last
مثل :)

i thought its not right , but of course i didnt remember the right one until i saw it in a comment :P

but the msg wasnt useless , it made u laugh , and made a smile on my face :)

God bless u :)

Strawberry said...

Dear قطرة وفاء

It's my pleasure :D
Thank you a lot :)

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