Sunday, April 25, 2010

The First Impression is Important...

Hello readers,

The First impression is important

My teacher of Psychology in first lecture from this term
She's Egyptian .. I thought this time I'll change all bad things about this subject.
Because the teacher for me is new  ..
She talked a few things about herself and talked about
this subject bla bla bla, then she said in the exam
I want to be the answers exactly as same as what wrote in the book
no change any words!!! Imagin!!

What's??? How's possible??

I innocently said : No Dr It's hard, for me I can't do it
exactly as the same as the book...
OMG.. What happened after my words unbelievable...
She gave me a long long lecture .. I was shocked.
She said if you can't, from now leave the university..
This's master don't bother yourself if you're not a good student..
All students and I were shocked ...
More than 15 mins and she wouldn't stop..
What's your name? How old are you?
This's your problime ..Why you try to study master?
As I did something bad for her or one of her family..
I looked at my friends they felt sorry on me...

When the lecture finished and she went, my friends came to me
and they said forget all what she said..

After that, I hate Psychology more than before.


Another teacher..
My English teacher in the first lecture
She's Saudi...
All what she said in first lecture is orders..
Don't ask me before the exam... Don't say this ...
Don't do that ... I hate this and that ..
Any Q I asked her, she said this's your problem!!!?!
When I want to make sure about word, she said to me: This's your problem...
She gave us title of the book which will study it..
I asked her , Is this book available in Jarir bookstore ?
She said : This's your problem....


No sense of humor in our teachers in King Faisal University


Before I write this post, I watched this video..
Just in the right time :)...


::أنيـــــــــن الــورد:: said...

my dear Strawberry

I like ur words because u talk about student suffering with bad teachers ..

My advice as ur friend said...Don't care about what she's think ot speak just consentrate on ur study

Good Luck sweety

Strawberry said...

Dear أنين الورد
Thank you for the comment..
I appreciate your words..

I'm focusing on my study.. Master isn't easy..

Take care..
See yaa...

Beyond Me said...

Poor strawberry :( Sorry for the startling 15 minutes she gave you .

And as Aneen Alward said .. you need nothing but to focus on your study ..

Wish you all the best :)

Strawberry said...


Thank you a lot ... happy to read comments
from you :)

Stay well...

NeverEver said...

She wants you to memorize the exact words?! This doesn't seem very helpful... memorizing doesn't mean you actually learn what you are reading. I know that classes like this seem as if they are a waste of time, but inshaAllah when you have your degree it will be worth it to just finish :-)

Strawberry said...

yes this is stupid!!!...
A lot of bla bla bla and she wants write exactly what wrote in our note!!!
Learning does not like this, but who will listen!!!

Thank you :)
Stay well...

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