Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pictures from the old days in Aramco's archive part 3...

Hello readers...

Today, we will see another part ( part 3 ) from Aramco's archive...

This's Ibrahim Basha Castle in Al- Hufof .
This place was  as a market.. 
In 1933 by K.S. Toitchel.

Now, the view looks like this...


In Dammam, 1952. The train was new that time.
In picture a man checked on tickets 
BY Friad Borritt


Saudis employees in a classroom study Chemistry
In 1950, Dhahran.


A few employees in break time at Cafeteria.
In 1948, Ras Tanura.


Saudis prepare rice for employees..
In  Dhahran ,  by Khalil Rasas.
Employees attending at cafeteria after opining. 
In 1957, Udhailiyah. By V.K. Anthony ...

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See yaa... 


Anonymous said...

رائع الصور وأصالة التاريخ الإبداعي

وفقك الله يا عزيزي

Strawberry said...

Salaam Randa..

Thank you dear :)

Stay well...

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