Thursday, May 27, 2010

After Graduating from The Bachelor...

Hello readers...

It's completely bla bla bla 

First bla...

wow 4 months till now..

My loved increase for blogger day after day ... 
I really feel that I became more confident than before and I found myself here..
I can write without thinking if there is people laughing about what I wrote..
I have changed, because I love writing ...
This is my passion ...

I belong to this place... This is what I was dreamed it before..
I figured out that, this place I can write any things make me happy...
Every day I tell myself, why I didn't do my own blog before??
But in the same time I say: Better late than never..

I am proud of myself.


Second bla bla ....

Another thing happened memories I couldn't forget it .. ..
I don't know if this is bad luck or good...
God only knows..

My wishes are opposite the real.. 

I was wanted to study maths or English, but that time my degree in high school
didn't help me, so I studied different subject I didn't love it...

After graduation with a very good GPA (4.05 out of 5 ), I decided to apply in
King Abdallah program for scholarship to study master in USA..
Unfortunately they accepted till 4.08 GPA ( so close of my GPA)
I was angry but I didn't give up... this program happen every year..

I got ready for next time.. I prepared every things..Recommendations, important papers... etc.
I flew far away with my dreams ... I built a lot of dreams in the air...
This year, they will accept my GPA 100% ... They want till 3.75 out of 5

But guess what happened ??
When I had my passport renewed , they forgot last letter of my name in English..
After that, they refused take my papers because this..
I was angry very much... a few second and I'll become crazy...
I have to renew it again..

This program open one week only I have to renew it before last day..

Every things became from bad to worst.

My father went to make them correct their mistake, but they said
come after week ( you must kidding me ) NOOOOOOOOO..

He argument with them. He said this is your mistake, check the papers
and you will see how I wrote the name .. They checked.
My father was right..They took 150 SR ( as if this is our mistake ) to renewed 
as soon as possible and it will be Wednesday ( which is last day for program ).. 

Finally, when my brother went to take my passport they were lier.. 

Every thing became dark . I cried for 3 months.. Angry from everything..
Why they destroyed my dream ?? Why they didn't care ??
Why...??? why ....??? ...

After months, my sister said: Our university mentioned in the web site ..
There is  masters in your subject.. So I applied..

Then guess what ?? I accepted !! I passed the exam and interview..
I accepted in the same subject in the bachelor which I hate it ...

I was happy, because I was want to study master and in the same time 
I hate this section ... 

oh... I forgot ...  I found out, They also forgot the last letter of my name in Arabic !!??

Is my name difficult to write it in Arabic or English !!?? 
 That's all :)

Thank you reader 
I know, I made your mood bad ..

See yaa..


Wafa' said...

you didn't make me mad, what makes me mad is how our mistakes and lack of work ethic can cause someone losing his/her dream. you open my eyes to important things. but as we said
عسى ان تكرهوا شيئا و هو خيرا لكم

Strawberry said...

Salaam teacher,

yes you are right.. It's bad when you lose your dreams, because someone didn't care..

I had a lot of experience about this from high school till now... It's really hard..

Specially when you thought that your dreams and all what you built will become truth..
Then, one day every things became as mirage...

Thank you teacher ..

Anonymous said...

LOL omg thats soooo crazy! i dont beleve taht

Strawberry said...

Hi Anya...

Welcome in my blog.. :)

I wished it doesn't true.

Thank you :)

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