Sunday, May 16, 2010

Did you Know about Dyslexia ??

Hello everyone...

Back with a lot of energy :)...

I had finished my research for psychology..
It's about Dyslexia
Why specific I chose this topic, that was a long story :)

When our Dr. Naemah told us that, there's a research to do it..
also, she said every student think for a topic , it's up to you
But it must every topic you choose will be about children (6 to 9 ) or
about teenagers.
Then she said next week you'll tell me your topic so as not to repeat.
Also, you are master's student so, the research must be big..

I started thinking, What will be my topic?

some studens chose the easy topic. I was frustrating.
After university, in lunch time I asked from my sisters to help me.
My lil sis suggest me to write about dyslexia, then she talked a few thing about it.
she read it in NET, a girl write a topic about it and she talked about her brother
he has dyslexia.
While she was talking, I remembered  I watched hind film ( Taare Zameen par ) about child had
a proplem with reading.

But I have no idea if this problem name it ( dyslexia or not )..
She said, read it in in this forum to get information about it..

It looks very interesting, so I decided to write about it .

By the way, That film is also about dyslexia :)

I read a lot of information about it, I didn't know about it before..
Glad that my research is a new for me.

Dyslexia is a problem kids could not read or spell and they need a help
to be a good reader.
By the way, They are smarts..

Did you know??!!?!
Some famous people who changed the world , when they were 
children they suffer from dyslexia..  
such as Walt Disney,Thomas Alva Edison, Alexander Graham Bell,
Agatha Christi and the list going on.

That's all. I hope my post wasn't boring... :)
Thank you for reading...
Stay well..

See yaa


nosa said...


Strawberry said...

Yes it is :)

Thank you dear..

Stay well...

Wafa' said...

it's not boring at all.
The idea that lots of smart people had it is frustrating because that's in the west. while here in saudi arabia a child like this will be called stupid and label this way.
why don't you publish your research or post it after graduating in your blog. is your research about saudi kids or in general ?

Anonymous said...

If you know anyone who has trouble reading suggest that they try Units of Sound - have a look at the website It could be just what you are looking for. It is suitable for all ages.

NeverEver said...

excellent topic! I had a friend in school who had dyslexia. It was as if all of the letters in the words would get mixed up when she tried to read. Sometimes the letters would even seem backwards. For example, she would see a letter "b" but think it was a letter "d". Alhamdulillah she learned to work around her problem and is doing quite well!

Strawberry said...

Teacher Wafa..

Glad you like it :)... yes you're right
always all child like this called stupid
no matter if he smart or not in another things..

I will Insha'a Allah after graduating.
My research is in general but now I'm thinking
to make it my project for graduating. Nothing here to help any child like this who had dyslexia nothing !!!...

Thank you teacher..

Strawberry said...

Welcome in my blog...

i took a look in this web..
Thank you very much..

Stay well...

Strawberry said...


Welcome in my blog , Thank you for your comment :)..
Yes. It mixed when someone want to read..
b,d / w,m / these letters is difficult for someone had dyslexia...

Thank you dear :)

Stay well...

Princess_zee said...

Interesting topic, Some dyslexic people can read but their problem has to do with concentration. they lose their ability to focus after a couple pf minutes...anything seems to distract them.

I am visible... said...

yeah it is..

Thank you a lot for your comment :)

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