Saturday, May 22, 2010

Don't Say a Word !?!?!

Hello readers,

DON'T Don't EVER ever say a word in lecture psychology..

If you have an opinion keep it for yourself ...

If you want make yourself funny PLEASE...keep your funny things for yourself.
If you have one question , don't be like a smart keep it in your mind

Be like chair, table, board  


When you say any word with innocently may be
your teacher who has a doctorate in psychology will explain
every word with different different different meaning .
Yes, Triple DIFFERENT..
Then, you will be in a big big trouble..

This is my advice to everyone, and this is from experience.


Don't forget... 
Stay well....


Wafa' said...

lol thanks for the advice but what have you done at class ?? :P j/k

Strawberry said...

Salaam teacher,
I just said normal words, but she became angry
and explained for another meaning.
Then, she made every thing a big big deal..
I was shocked last week!!!

What happened not worth to do what she did!!! and she embarrassed me in front of all students !!!

Wafa' said...

Strawberry, remeber what goes around comes around. and what she did, will come back and his her in the back one day. Stupid teacher, indeed.

Strawberry said...

Thank you teacher I feel good now..
your comment will be in my mind all the time..
I wish all teachers like you...

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