Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Day Off + Bla bla


I feel I can fly now... It was hard term.
Saturday was the last day for this term. Since that day I'm trying to write a post.

Bla 1

Before a month, Dr. ** asked us if we want our grades for her subject. I was tired and nervous that 
day, coz there is exam after the lecture..
I didn't excite, I wasn't sure about what I did in the exam.
All student say yes to her. Then she said visible got excellent in the exam and I'm surprise !!!!
Me: I was shocked. I thought my answers was wrong. and I said really.
She: I was surprise, I didn't expect this.. you had only one wrong answered.
Then she said if anyone want to see her exam it's OK come.
I went to see my wrong answer what it was.
She said: You got excellent and you came.
I felt embarrassed.
I was wondering , why she said this instead of saying I'm glad 
you got excellent or encourage me with another words!!!


Bla 2

Yesterday  Mobily sent commercial msg for all clients.
It is.....

Watch the events happening in Egypt live on your mobile on Al Arabiya and CNN channels.
To subscribe send TV to ...... for 35 SR per month. 

مصائب قوم عند قوم فوائد
They use every possible chance for their company for one purpose ( Money )

That's all 
Thank you...


Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

enjOy the vacation :)
and well-done, u studied hard -obviously- and that was yr reward :)

about mobily, I was gonna blog bwt that Wallahy, it`s all bwt marketing and exploiting opportunities, no concern bwt letting the ppl contact their families in times of hardship :(

*I hate marketing!

::أنيـــــــــن الــورد:: said...

Wellcome Bach sweety,,,

happy vacation 4 u and us *_*,,,

I miss u and ur notes,,,

congratulation 4 ur excellent results and Gooo head,,,

plz pray4 me ,,, I'm waiting my results 4 two weeks,,,

with my regard

Wafa' said...

it's a long waited "short time" vacation :), enjoy it while it lasts :)

I am visible... said...

I'm :)

Allah with them... really sad about what happened

Thanks bro

I am visible... said...

::أنيـــــــــن الــورد::
Thank you my friend... :)
you too :)
My pryer with you wish you A+ in all your subject inshaa Allah...
Thank you.

I am visible... said...

Teacher Wafa'
yes very short but still good :D
Thank you a lot :)

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