Monday, February 28, 2011

Just Read The Post :)

Hi :)...

The two thing I hate ( Thinking for a tittle and thinking for nickname to chose it)
so, the post is without specific tittle.



Finally, they ( who work in king Faisal university ) corrected my name after... 
Guess how long they took ???
After year and a half.. They had added the last letter in my name.
This is the fast they could...


The weather changed suddenly to hot..
I wanna winter come back again.. Summer in Al Ahssa'a is killer.

 Thank you...



naysan said...

بدري عليهم!!!! والله يكون في عونكم على الحر

visible... said...

مرحبا فيك
انا توقعت بتخرج وهم لسى
ماعملوا شي

Rain said...

I HATE to choose the post's name too!
LOL @ ur uni,to7feh!
Ifit had been my uni. they'd never have corrected it lol

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

سنة و نصف مو كثير

ما بدنا الشتا! بكفيييييييييييي

ما صدقت تشمس شوي


Wafa' said...

People never like anything, no heat or cold. lol
you know i guess anything is better than this sand storms we are in these days, spring is the worst time of the year despite what pictures keep showing us.

and congratulation on having your name back :)

w7l said...

طيب ليش ما ستنوا شوي عبال ما تخرجت احسن! يعني بتصير زي حلوان مثلا

Tareq S. said...

Congrats,, It's too late 4 them bt good they did it at last..

visible... said...

وما خفي كان اعظم
I thought I'll graduate without any change...

Thank you :)

visible... said...

Haitham هيثم
وانا بعد اقول مو كثير

هيثم تعال جرّب صيف الاحساء بعدين قول نبي شتى
ذي السنه يعتبر الشتا طوّل علينا شوي مو كثير حتى المطر مايبغانا

شكرا ابو هيام

visible... said...

hahah for me , no for heat and yes for cold :D

Finally my right name came back haha

Thank you :)

visible... said...

دكتور, انا توقعت بيخلونها لي كهدية تخرج
استغربت انهم عدلوها بعد سنة ونص تعتبر مده قصيره

شكرا دكتور

visible... said...

Teacher Tareq,

Finally, I'm happy now

Thank you :)

Gemini girl said...

I have the same prob. of thinking about nicknames and titles ... and try to change it frome time to time if that was possible

visible... said...

Gemini girl..
yes, using same nickname for long time make you feel boring :D

Thank you :)

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