Friday, February 04, 2011

Lost Holiday...

Hello readers,

As usual every year in the Hajj there is holiday (No school).
Almost two weeks, It's good to take rest from studying.
Last holiday for the Hajj, I didn't relax and enjoy it.
First week I spent it doing my homework and researches 
I did the best I can to finish everything, but there is still unfinished homework and researches.
Second week, I spent all my time studying, because I had exam in the first day after holiday.
People in this time shopping for Eid and meeting their friends and having fun time, but not me.

Then, in the last night in the holiday, Friend called me. We chatted.
she said: how was your holiday? I said did homework and bla bla bla
She said there is no exam tomorrow.. It's delay. 
Me: What!!!! who said that?!
She: this is holiday for relax.  Few students and I didn't study.  we asked Dr. A  to delay the exam and she said OK.
this is holiday. why they call it holiday.

I was angry and tired. I want the holiday come back again.
Unfair really unfair

Thank you :)


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