Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Festival our city Al-Ahsa'a ( Hassana Falla Festival )..Part 1..

Hello my readers,

I'm gonna write about different topic..
Festival our city Al-Ahsa'a we call it ( Hassana Falla Festival )..

 ( It's a palm  )
It happened in summer holiday.. Last holiday 2009 I took a few pictures
from this festival, because it was about our old heritage ( old career & old things ) ...
We didn't use it now anymore.. There are a lot of events happened, but
I think heritage part was the most event people love it...

These are the pictures...

This man weave wool 
Old toys

This man make ( Mspah )
Like this..
We use Mspah till now

This man make Tambourine for wedding
Also.. we use it till now.

The people made it from Palm fronds



We will continue next time..

See yaa


Anonymous said...

Fantastic festival a distinct and very beautiful pictures

Dear sister, God bless you

Strawberry said...

Dear Randa..

Thank you a lot for every time you came..
I appreciate your comment..

God bless you...

manojojha said...

Hi Strawberry just had been to your blog and went through its content and found it very interesting.Join me on gmail chat or msn messenger for a live interaction if you don't having facebook. My gmail id is



Strawberry said...

Hello Manoj..
Thank you for your words...

Take care..
See yaa

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