Friday, March 19, 2010

Pocoyo ... The best cartoon for children...

Hello readers...

My favorite cartoon is Pocoyo all the time.. 
Pocoyo , I love this cartoon so much..

It is very simple cartoon indeed ..
It's the best for kids very simple even in language ..
It teach a lot things for children ... Every episode has different story and different lesson..
I love pocoyo and his stories also the man who talk ( Commentator )
I admire his accent so much hahahaha....
I hope in the future I will watch it with my kids.. His friends also very funny..

Pocoyo :)


His friends : Lula ( the dog ) , Elle ( the elephant )
Pocoyo, Baby bird and Patto ( the duck )..

See yaa...


Texan in UAE said...

LOL My son watches mostly arabic cartoons. But, he does watch English, too. Even if my first language is, English, he speaks more Arabic. Alhamdulilah. My husband only speaks to him in Arabi. I've never seen this show...only in Saudia?

Strawberry said...

Salaam Alikom sis..
It was showing on mbc3 in the morning, but now they stopped it..
Watch this video and I'm sure you will like it

Thank you ...
See yaa

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