Saturday, March 06, 2010

( Half Ticket ) Hindi film 1962 ...


This week I watched ( Half ticket ) Hindi film, it's 1962 black & white...
I really enjoyed watching the film ... Kishor Kumar very funny..

All the time I enjoy watching the old movies than the newer one..
How I knew about it ??? I'm always search on youtube about bollywood things..
then accidentally I watched some comedians videos for this film but not full movie..
After couple week I searched again about it and YES there is a full movie..
I laugh so much...

See yaa


VIBGYOR said...

Kishor kumar was a great singer,hope you know that.He did few movies an an actor,He was a great comedian.I love his voice
btw view my blog here I post stuff related to bollywood
hope you enjoy it

Bye tc

Strawberry said...


Yes I knew he was a great singer...
I really like his voice... I love also ( Padosan )
with Sunil Dutt

I will visit your blog musicholicworld

Thank you

رنداالجنوبية said...

I love Hindi films

This movie funny fun

Thank you dear God bless you for

Strawberry said...

you also love Hindi films..
We have things in common..

Thank you my dear...

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