Sunday, March 28, 2010

When I invited my friends...

Hello readers,

When I was a child , I had invited my friends ( daughters of my uncle ) 
to watch a movie together with me and my sisters.. 
The movie was ( Ajooba ) , it was very famous that time ..
I still until now love it  :)

What a day! I was very happy ... Get a video and prepare it ...
Press play button . Everyone was happy ..
It just few minutes. Then , instead of hearing Hindi voice, changed to 

It's from TV hahaha .. It embarrassed me, but I laughed so much ..
The plan changed from watching a film to playing out side :) 

See yaa...


Miss Dreamer said...

Sounds like fun;P
I think it is more enjoyable to watch movies with a group of people; people who make you laugh and enjoy it all the more.

Strawberry said...

Yes absolutely you're right ..

Thank you ..
See yaa

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